Why Should I Pay a Membership Fee if There Are Free Home Exchange Sites?

There dozens of home exchange sites available on the Internet. Some have been around for decades, others are brand-new. There are big differences in the quality and services of home exchange clubs. Ask yourself, for instance, how easily can you navigate through their system,
how quickly do they respond to a customer question,
do they have advertisement on the site,
how do you like the overall appeal of the site?

Choose one or several clubs that feel right to you.

Home Exchange clubs that ask you for a small membership fee usually are established sites. Their members are committed home exchangers, often returning year after year. This gives you a much greater chance of finding your own home exchange.

Consider how much you pay for a simple hotel room in any metropolitan area. Just one night at you first home exchange destination will already cover the costs of your membership with an established home exchange agency.

In addition, if you don’t find a home exchange in your first year, JewettStreet, for instance, offers you an additional free six months of membership and develops a personal home exchange success strategy with you.

So, in case you still wonder if you should join a free or a fee-based home exchange club, remember, you get what you pay for!

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2 Responses to “Why Should I Pay a Membership Fee if There Are Free Home Exchange Sites?”

  1. Ursula says:

    Indeed, this is a very vital point, Athena. Thank you very much for sharing this useful information.
    Any other advantages of a paid home exchange membership versa a free one?

  2. Another vital factor you need to consider when you join a home exchange club with a PAID membership is the assurance that, by making that payment, all the members, including yourself, have had the personal information they are providing verified as correct. The club truly “knows who they are”.

    People don’t realize that the clubs they do business with on the Internet don’t actually manage their payments. Actually, when you click to finalize your payment you are instantly transferred to one of the handful of merchant companies that manage all online payments throughout the world.

    Their abilities to detect fraudulent information are amazingly accurate and by joining a club that has paid memberships, you are investing in that level of proven security.

    Do you really think it’s a good idea to save a fe dollars, or pounds, or euros and set up a home exchange blind with someone whose identity could be completely bogus?

    That’s nhot a gamble I’d want to take!

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